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Your business requires insurance cover for the advice you provide for which you may become liable. You should also cover your Public Liability and Cyber exposures. Our product allows you to choose all this protection at once.


You are a professional Mortgage Broker advising your client about lending products, introducing them to lending providers and arranging their application for approval and final settlement.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. With Professional Indemnity Insurance you are not alone. Your insurer has decades of experience with situations like yours, expert legal teams and other experts to negotiate and settle the matter.

Consider these situations for your business

What would I do if something I said or did caused financial damage to a third party?

Without insurance, could I afford the legal costs to defend myself?

Will the policy stay in force after I leave the industry?

Some of the policy features

Free Legal Consultation Advice

Low Standard Excess

External Dispute Resolution (EDR)

Public Relations Cover

Run-off cover at no additional cost

And many more

Our policy can also include Public Liability. Cyber Event Protection insurance is also available while arranging Professional Indemnity. Additional premium applies for both.

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In the course of doing business, anything can happen.

While it may be less of a concern in your profession than say Professional Indemnity insurance, in the course of doing business anything can happen. With Public Liability insurance you can be assured if it does your insurer will work for you to resolve it.

What does it cover?

The cost of a third party’s damages or injuries as a result of your negligence.

Additional court-ordered compensation to injured parties

Legal defence costs

Consider these situations for your business

How would an injury or damage to third party caused by my business be handled and resolved?

Without insurance, could I afford the legal costs to defend the claim? Could I afford to settle the claim?

Do I have any contracts which require public liability insurance? e.g. office or shop lease

Will this cover the negligent acts of my employees?

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If you are unsure and need some advice or help just give us a call. Our team are available to help you with the right protection.