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You know our insurance policy is worth the money when you have a claim. It’s also the time you need advice and guidance you can rely on.

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For immediate response to a cyber incident call Emergence on 1300 799 562 – 24/7/365 Incident Response

Claim Examples

Professional Indemnity
Financial Loss as a result of incorrect advice

Public Liability
Bodily Injury or Property Damage as a result of your negligence

Cyber Insurance

Your business is online and open to the world of cyber threats. It could be a phishing email, ransomware or malicious email link, which could disrupt your business.

Cyber Event Protection Insurance gives you the support you need to mitigate the threat – quickly.

The cyber team will respond with both IT and legal procedures to contain the damage, investigate, report and ensure you get back to business.

For more details, please read this cyber incident response brochure – click here

Cyber Incident Examples

  • Privacy breach of client’s ID documents and files
  • Corruption to data files – yours and others
  • Payment to a fraudulent bank account (social engineering fraud)
  • Locked down IT systems demanding ransom for release
  • Malfunction of IT systems stopping business processes


Important Information

The insurer will offer insurance and provide cover on a “claims made” basis. This means that claims advised to you (or made against you) are reported to your insurer during the policy period (always subject to the Policy Terms and Conditions). It doesn’t matter when the incident causing the claim occurred or when it eventuates into a claim.

If you become aware of circumstances which could give rise to a claim, notify us immediately. We will notify your insurer during the current policy period. It is important to declare everything you know before the policy expires. You will be covered for the claim even if it doesn’t get filed until later. If not, the claim settlement may be compromised or even denied.


If you are unsure and need some advice or help just give us a call. Our team are available to help you with the right protection.