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Cyber Insurance

Your business is online and open to the world of cyber threats. It could be a phishing email, ransomware or malicious email link, which could disrupt your business.

Cyber insurance gives you the support you need to mitigate the threat – quickly. The cyber team will respond with both IT and legal procedures to contain the damage, investigate, report and ensure you get back to business.

A Summary of Cover is available here.

The Important Information and Policy Wording is available here.

Emergence Cyber Event Protection insurance gives you

24/7 cyber incident response
IT and accounting forensic investigators
Legal representation with Privacy Law expertise
Public relations experts
Directors and Officers Liability

Additional benefits

24/7 cyber incident monitoring and real time notification
1 hour consultation with cyber security expert
Incident Response Plan Template

Can you afford to be without cyber cover?

There are many organisations big and small which have been subjected to phishing, malware and ransomware which have crippled their business. Cyber insurance can get you back to work quickly and securely.

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Protection for Your Business, Peace of Mind for You

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